Help For Children (HFC) was first founded in 1998 by Rob Davis, Managing Director of McAlinden Research Partners, with the goal of raising funds for the prevention and treatment of child abuse.  Now serving as Chairman Emeritus, Rob witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of abuse on innocent children in his early career as a teacher.  Embraced by the hedge fund industry from the onset, Help For Children has grown from a single dinner held in New York City, when it was known as Hedge Funds Care, to a worldwide presence, operating with branches in seven countries, raising donations from the financial services sector and making grants to effective and efficient organizations focused on protecting and healing children from the trauma of abuse.

Help for Children Canada was founded in 2004 by M. Corey Goldman as a way to unite the Canadian hedge fund industry in support of HFC's global mission of treating and preventing child abuse.  Corey Goldman now serves as the President of HFC Canada and has been actively involved in the Committee of Hearts since this affiliate's inception.  The Committee of Hearts continues to enjoy success in raising funds for organizations dedicated to aiding abused and neglected children.  

Through the support of local industry professionals, HFC Canada has distributed over CAD$1.7 million through 60 grants to organizations that carry out the HFC mission on a daily basis.

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